Graduate Advising

Advisees, PhD in Musicology

  • Michael Palmese, PhD in Musicology, 2019. Dissertation: “John Adams Composing Through Others: Modeling, Innovation, and Recomposition.” Current position: Assistant Lecturer, Maynooth University, Ireland.
  • Warren Kimball, PhD in Musicology, 2017. Dissertation: “Northern Music Culture in Antebellum New Orleans.” Current position: Instructor of Music History and Theory, School of Music, LSU.
  • Tim Love, PhD in Musicology, 2015. Dissertation: “Thomas Davis, The Nation, and Songs of Irish Nationalism.” Current position: Executive Assistant to the Dean and Human Resources Analyst, College of Music & Dramatic Arts, LSU.

Advisees, Master of Music in Musicology

  • Katlin Harris, MM in Musicology, 2019. Thesis: “The Stanocola Refinery Band: Industry, Tradition, and Community.”
  • Brooks Marion, MM in Musicology, 2018.
  • Megan Murph, MM in Musicology, 2013. Thesis: “Max Neuhaus and the Musical Avant-Garde.” Current position: Instructor of Music History, University of South Carolina, Upstate.
  • Warren Kimball, MM in Musicology, 2011. Thesis: “Ives’s Seasonal Songs.”